We operate a clear procedure for the assessment of investment propositions.

Following receipt of the pitch deck, and assuming we are keen to know more, we invite the entrepreneur(s) for an introductory discussion. They are asked to present the plans to two investment managers.

Questions from us usually lead to some homework. In the subsequent meetings, all the documents are gone through again and discussed with the investment managers.


Sometimes it is necessary for us to hire external expertise to enable us to take an informed decision. That is of course also useful to the entrepreneur.

We then formulate an investment proposal for the entrepreneur’s approval.

The investment managers then submit the investment proposal to the investment committee.

Dutch Glory has a 7-member investment committee which approves the investment with 5/7 votes. 

In principle, Dutch Glory takes minority shares in its participations. It can be a combination of shares and convertible securities.

Dutch Glory is an active investor and provides expertise from the group of shareholders to the company in which it participates.