Pitch deck guidelines

Investment criteria Pitch deck and references Pitch deck guidelines


CV of founders/management, track record and personal qualities
(possibly also of supervisory board / advisers)

Aim of the company

Describe the product/service in two sentences maximum.


Describe the user’s ‘pain’ and how the product/service removes this


Show how the proposition makes the user’s life better.
Show where the product/service is positioned in the market (product market combinations)

Show the use cases.

The product/service

Product description: functionality, properties, architecture, IP, test reports
Describe the product roadmap

Why now?

Define trends that the product/service anticipates.
Make a historical market evaluation of the product/service

How is big is the market?

Draw up a customer profile: who buys the product or uses the service?
Calculate the size of the market and its growth potential.

The competition

Draw up a complete overview of your competitors.
Cite the competitive advantage: your company versus the competition.
Describe the elements of the product/service that are deciding factors for conquering the market share.

Business model Revenue model

Average customer size
Sales and distribution model
Customer and prospect list


Figures to date (accountant’s compilation report)
Profit and loss prognoses (3 yrs.)
Cashflow overviews (3 yrs.)
Balance projections (3 yrs.)
Investment projections (3 yrs.)
(provide all the sheets in Excel; we would like to follow the calculations and see how you think)
Who are the present shareholders, what have they invested and what are they prepared to invest further?
Investment proposition: what terms will you propose to us, what percentage of share capital do you wish to transfer, and how do you value the company