About us

The Netherlands is a trading nation, and has been for centuries. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Netherlands was even the biggest trading nation in the world with the early multinational Dutch East India Company (VOC).

The VOC was set up in 1602 as the Generale Vereenichde geoctrooieerde Compagnie. It was the biggest shipping company in the world at that time and was the first limited liability company with freely tradable shares. According to today’s standards, the VOC would be worth 7,000 billion euros. To compare: Apple, currently the most expensive company in the world, has a stock market value of 800 billion euros.

Our philosophy

Today, we are also living in an interesting era. Technological developments are taking place at breakneck speed – developments that are being driven by small and medium-sized companies. We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who support companies with investment resources and who like to play an active role in the creation of growth objectives.

Engaged enterprise – that is what makes us different. Dutch Glory invests therefore in companies that are led by entrepreneurs and effective management teams. Companies who want to influence their market and who are ready for further growth.

The shareholders of Dutch Glory have been involved in a large number of succesful companies in recent years:

Booking.com InnocentDrinks.nl Harver.com GoCustomized.nl Pikaplant.nl Fixico.nl Layer eBuddy Ace and Tate SeoShop GetRodeo.io Pastbook.com

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